The Mungo & Jemima trunk show is happening this weekend in Johannesburg!
You'll find local fashion, jewellery, perfect Xmas gifts, all my gift cards and a selection of my art prints.

The following designers will be taking part:
Good, Coppelia, Margot Molyneux, I Love Leroy, Love Water Love (swimwear), 
Georgie B, Blackeyed Susan, Take Care, Selfi, Jane Sews, Famke, Pichulik, Oh Dear Megan, 
Shelly and Harry, Skermunkil, FRL GDS, Lauren Fowler, FEAT socks, Soil Design, Bamboo Revolution watches.

9am 29 November - 30th November at 5pm
Studio Space, 1st First Floor, Regents Place, The Zone, Rosebank

If you live in JHB just share the Facebook event on your page and you stand a chance to win a 
R500 voucher to use at the Trunk Show! Take a look at the FB event page here.


One of my very favourite jewellers is Karin Rae Johns from Dear Rae.
I'm very excited about the new rings she's designed and finally released! 
I've seen the process over the last couple of months and I'm so happy to see them out in the world.

They're inspired by three animals from the book and film, Life of Pi and they're just gorgeous. Egyptian like and hand manufactured, this special trio can be worn together or separately. If that was not enough to go and purchase all 3, Karin has collaborated with the amazing illustrator, Katrin Coetzer to produce 3 limited edition prints of each of the animals to be partnered with the silver or gold bands. They are limited to 20, so act quickly! 

Available in gold, silver or brass. 
Find them here.

Dear Rae, in their own words:

" We're very excited to announce our new range of rings inspired by the magical and mysterious story, Life of Pi. 

Which animal delights you the most? The magnificent tiger Richard Parker, with his stripy paws hugging your finger; the slippery flying fish, raining down from the sky, caught in a moment between your fingers; or the bird, a sign of hope and land, perched firmly on your hand.

For this
 range we have collaborated with talented illustrator, Katrin Coetzer. The first twenty purchases of each of the three Life of Pi rings, in either gold or silver, will receive one enchanting illustration inspired by the animal. "


The Mungo & Jemima trunk sale is going to Joburg!
For 2 days only, you'll be able to grab gorgeous clothing, jewellery and lovely gifts 
all made locally as well as some pretty fine Christmas presents!

So, mark the dates in your diary now!
9am 29 November - 30th November at 5pm
Studio Space, 1st First Floor, Regents Place, The Zone, Rosebank

All my prints, gift cards and cross stitch sets will be available.

The following designers will be taking part:
Good, Coppelia, Margot Molyneux, I Love Leroy, Love Water Love (swimwear), 

Georgie B, Blackeyed Susan, Take Care, Selfi, Jane Sews, Famke, Pichulik, Oh Dear Megan, 
Shelly and Harry, Skermunkil, FRL GDS, Lauren Fowler, FEAT socks, Soil Design, Bamboo Revolution watches.

Take a look at the FB event page here.


I recently added Gift Vouchers to my online shop.
Now you can buy gift vouchers for a friends if you're not sure what they would like.
This is also a great opportunity for group buying where everyone 
can pitch in a little to get a one big voucher.

Gift Vouchers are for R200, R300 & R500 
or a custom sum may be arranged.

In celebration of this, I'm giving away 3 R200 Gift Vouchers for the shop! 
To enter, just e-mail GIFT VOUCHER COMPETITION 
to me at
That's it!

Competition closes on the 1st of October.


Purchasing a gift voucher is simple!
Just go over to 
Lost is a Place Toopick a voucher and anything else
you'd like to purchase then go to checkout.

Once payment has been made, you'll receive an e-mail with a 
discount code
as well as a link to download a physical voucher to print out (image above).


I know it's been a while, but hey, look! I opened an online shop, how exciting!
I've been working hard on client work and also planning a wedding (I'm getting married, more excitement!)

So, about my online shop.
I built it with Shopify, it's safe and you can pay with Paypal, Payfast as well as direct EFT.
I'll post your order within a couple of days of the order with a tracking number and boom! 
Online shopping!

I've put together a few of my favourites for you.

Have a look at the full shop here.


I recently got sent a BuchuLife pack dropped off with me.
I received an amazing, thick yoga mat. (Perfect, as I've been looking for a new one to keep at home.)
There are so many wonders to having a good yoga mat. Yesterday, in our Jivamukti class at Air Atelier, Jill spoke about what it means to be a Yogi. She came to the conclusion that a Yogi is one who connects. 

"Yoga is sanskrit for “yoke” or “union”, generally meant with regard to the self or the divine." 

So, we connected with our mat. 

BuchuLife produce a range of delicious, flavoured sparkling waters. These are different from other brands, not only because of the Buchu leaf extract (which has such a beautiful distinct taste), but they are sugar-free and organic! 

I thought I wouldn't like the water, as I don't like flavoured waters in general, however, I was pleasantly surprised how much I loved these! I really feel like I'm doing something good and healthy when I drink the waters. I like to call them champagne waters. It's the most refreshing relief after a challenging yoga class. The blackcurrant flavour is fantastic.

This is my new favourite product. 
The First Aid Gel. I'm a little bit accident prone and I'm almost permanently walking into stuff. It doesn't help that I bruise really easily. I've been putting this First Aid Gel on everything! Dry spots on my skin as it's great for eczema, I have a "dodgy" hip, so I've been putting it on there before and after yoga too.

I rubbed a whole sachet of it over my foot yesterday after I wedged my foot in between two rocks whilst coming down a mountain a couple of weeks ago, not sure why I didn't rub it at the time?
Anyhow, my foot feels much better today! I'm convinced this is a miracle gel for more or less everything. 
The gel can be used for the following: Wounds, bruising, burns, joint pain, bites and eczema!

I was also given a box of the UTI relief capsules. I haven't suffered from a UTI in a while, but I'm grateful to have something on hand if it strikes again. I took a couple of the capsules anyway as they contain 10mg of Buchu Oil and 365 Flaxseed Oil which sounded good to me.
If this product is anything like the others, I'm sure it will do wonders for UTI relief.

Find out where to buy BuchuLife products here.
Wellness Warehouse stocks all BuchuLife products if you're interested in all of them.

Thank you to BuchuLife who have opened me up to all their fantastic products and getting me addicted to their sparkling waters!


"On June 16th, 2013 the Children’s Radio Foundation will host the first annual Youth Radio Awards in Cape Town. The awards are aimed at recognising the effort, passion and determination of young reporters at community radio stations across South Africa, who use the medium of radio to get their communities discussing important issues. "

The Children's Radio Foundation is looking for our help to raise the remaining funds needed to carry out the awards. I feel that this event is really important to recognise the talent and communication of our youths. 

To do my part, I've dedicated to contribute 50% of all my A3 print sales between today and the 30th of May. 
If you'd like to just donate to the foundation, visit the GivenGain site here.

Take a look at my prints in more detail here.
Order each print by stating the number on the image to
Each print is unframed and excludes postage prices.


My favourite South African fashion label has to be Take Care.
Every seasonal lookbook is shot by local photographer, Julia Merrett and modelled by artist Matty Roodt

I love the clean lines, simplicity and elegance that Jessica Harwood brings to her label. I have all my basics covered from Take Care. It's everyday clothing that can be dressed up or down with the addition of heels and a necklace to sneakers and a pony tail.

I had some fun with Julia's photographs from the shoot and created some images out of my favourite pieces from this collection.

Shop online or find your closest store here.


Don't pretend like you've got something already.

Mother's Day is on Sunday and we've got your back!
I've got cross stitch sets for sale and I've teamed up with a couple of other Woodstock businesses to create a Mother's Day Hamper.

The sets are available through me and come wrapped with a free gift card of your choice.
The hampers are available by emailing:

Cross Stitch sets R250 or R280 + free gift card + gift wrapped
Mother's Day Hamper - R280 + option to add a Benedikt book voucher

All collections from Opus or my studio, Lost Is A Place Too at the Woodstock Foundry.


We have a new coffee shop here at The Woodstock Foundry. 
Tribe coffee is in the new part of the building opposite Opus. The building boasts two long glass box shops with a beautiful courtyard at the back leading on to the Tribe roastery and the Benedict Taschen book shop.

I designed the logo for Tribe, so it's really cool to see it in wood and steel up on the wall.
Tribe coffee is roasted, sold as well as served here. It's the perfect little spot to get away and have a quick coffee or meeting. They also stock Munch Boxes which are the most delicious cous cous salads and wraps. 

The Benedict book shop displays Taschen books and international magazines for sale. My prints are also available here. All the furniture in the coffee shop as well as Benedict are from MBA, Made By Architects. The tables and chairs are really quite fun to look at, as they are made from ply cut outs.

Visit the Woodstock Foundry at 150 Albert Road, Woodstock.